Vanilla Balsamic Vinegar
The best Vanilla mixed with the must of the white grapes and aged in ash wooden barrels for 5 years. The colour is white, limpid and transparent. The smell is delicate, the taste is sweet and sour and the density is syrupy. Uses: on fresh fruit, fruit salad, sorbet and pastry. Glass bottle net content 100 ml.
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White Balsamic Vinegar – Prelibato
The white balsamic condiment, made with the best part of the grape “Trebbiano Modenese”, the method of crushing is soft and slow. The juice obtained from this soft crushing is white, transparent and it is filtred to obtain the Prelibato White Balsamic Condiment, after this operation the juice is centrifuged to make it dense without the cooking process and aged in ash barrels for 5 years. Uses: Suitable on fish (saltwater fish and freshwater fish), crustacean, molluscs, caviar and on all type of fresh fruit. Size: 200 ml glass bottle.
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White Birch Wood Gift Box With Leather String

You Would Impress Any Taste With This Outstanding Gift Box!

Perfect for Corporate Gifts, Employee Appreciation or Any Other Special Occasion!

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White truffle Balsamic Vinegar
The delicate flavor of the white truffle of Alba (in the Piedmont region) and cooked grape must joined together to obtain a straw yellow balsamo with a special and intense perfume. Uses: suitable to flavor handmade pasta like tagliolini or fetuccine with butter and Parmigiano Reggiano, ravioli filled with pumpkin and ricotta cheese, linguine with clams, crustacean and anchovies. To try also on Fassona tartare (beef meat) and veal ribs. Size: 100 ml glass bottle.
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Whole Black Olives
Ingredients: Whole Black Olives, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Garlic, Pepper, Oregano, Wine Vinegar, Salt. Size: 280 gr.
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Yanni’s “Family” Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml Greece-Chalkidiki
It is a unique single-varietal green early harvest extra virgin olive oil produced especially for your family
from the local olive tree variety of Galani Chalkidiki.
Your kids will totally love it for it's delicate taste and fruity aroma, while you will praise its beneficial
qualities like the polyphenols that contribute to their proper development!
Try this Masterpiece of Chalkidiki either raw or in you delicious cooking for extra pure taste!
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Yanni’s “Finest” Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml Greece-Chalkidiki
Intense fruity aroma. Bitter and slightly spicy aftertaste, crystal, brilliant green colour...
These are the characteristics of Yanni’s Finest with excellent organoleptic characteristics produced by the variety Chondroelia of wild Chalkidiki olive trees.
Try this amazing early harvest extra virgin olive oil raw and enjoy a healthy and tasty meal full of polyphenols!
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Yanni’s “Fresh” Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml Greece-Chalkidiki
A fresh touch in your kitchen, right from our olive groves! Early-Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oils have an extremely high concentration of polyphenols compared to other olive oils and Yanni’s olive grove selects the earliest olives and creates an explosive blend of deep green colour, low acidity and excellent organoleptic characteristics, which is fairly considered as the masterpiece of gastronomy, by combining the Chalkidiki olive tree varieties.
Enjoy it raw in salads or try it in your culinary creations to give them a splendid aroma of freshly cut green olives!
Yanni’s "Fresh" early harvest olive oil has been collaborating with the Greek Association of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders (Alzheimer Hellas). Under the direction of Magda Tsolaki, who is also a professor of neurology at the Medical School at Thessaloniki University, Alzheimer Hellas is conducting the first clinical trial in humans to evaluate the effects of different kinds of olive oil on amnesic patients diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, which leads to Alzheimer disease.
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Yanni’s “Limited” Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml Greece-Chalkidiki
Limited P.O.D. Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The only Greek Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil certified as P.D.O.
The single variety “Limited” is produced in limited quantities only from Hondroelia of Chalkidiki containing high amount of antioxidants like polyphenols.
What makes it so unique is its extremely low acidity, fruity aromas of freshly cut grass and banana, the delicate and pleasantly bitter taste and the spicy aftertaste.
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