Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Pietregiovani 500 ml – Italy/Bari (Not Available)



PRODUCT:  PETREGIOVANI, ORGANIC, PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)

ORIGIN:  Puglia, Italy

Cultivar:  80% Coratina + 15% Ogliarola Barese + 5% Nociara

System of picking: Hand picked and facilitated

Ages of olive trees:  35 years old

Method of processing:  Within 24 hours

Pressing method:  Medium-Intense

Intensity of flavour:  Fine with a rich complexity

Aroma:  Balanced between bitter and spicy. Present vegetable tones of green grass, almonds and artichokes.

Flavour:  Aromatic as first characteristic, with floral accents, grapefruit on the nose.