Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tamia Gold 500 ml – Italy/Tuscany



ORGANIC – TUSCIA PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)

Origin: Tuscia – Italy 


Certified Organic, Tamia Gold is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Protected Denomination of Origin from the Tuscian territory. Thanks to the care paid to preservation, the extraction process performed using the most innovative methods and the varieties of cultivar used, this Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains an extremely high amount of polyphenols, elements that are essential for enhancing aromas. Grassy and fruity, the flavour of this oil has pungent and bitter sensations, accompanied by long aromatic notes. In limited quantities, with hand-numbered bottles.
TAMIA Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made of the strictest criteria of quality, wholesomeness, sustainability and traceability which, in some ways, even exceeds those imposed by the certification of Organic Agriculture and Protected Denomination of Origin – Tuscia PDO.


Organoleptic Profile

– Medium/high degree of fruitiness
– Medium/high degree of bitterness
– Piquancy with a hint of fresh Almond
– Light sensations of Grass and Artichoke

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Perfect Serves with

Bruschetta, Frittata, Frittata with white meats, Shellfish starters, Oily fish au gratin, Spaghetti with Botargo, Carpaccio and red meat Tartar, Tuna salads, Bean soup, First courses with Ragout, Vegetables au gratin, Roasted red meats and seasoned cheeses, Buffalo mozzarella and last but not least one teaspoon in baby's meal (recommended).

Additional information

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